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Facing the Media

Preparation and Focus are the Key to a successful interview.


Media training is vital for anyone in the public eye, whether you are a corporate executive, academic or policy analyst. Having your voice heard is increasingly difficult in the unforgiving world of social media, where you need clear and compelling statements.

The current highly charged media atmosphere has also eliminated the room for error. Any misplaced phrase can be twisted, amplified or totally misrepresented with little chance to recover.

At the same time, traditional media training that focuses on pivoting away from difficult questions is no longer enough. To be taken seriously, you cannot risk appearing evasive, you must tackle the hard issues head one and offer clear statements that come from you – not your talking points. Achieving such credibility in an interview requires advance planning and realistic practice.

Every newsmaker has their own set of skills and communications needs. Therefore, the key to a successful program is that it be individually tailored to achieve maximum results. Questions used in the sessions must be what a reporter will ask and answers must present your ideas with credibility and commitment.

Working with a Japanese partner, sessions can be done in English, Japanese or both languages based on the needs of the trainee and the planned target media.

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